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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v4.13 or newer, which added the ability to monitor denials in real time. Previously, it was possible to see how many license checkout requests were denied only by importing denied request logs.

Realtime Denials deliver realtime information about the users that are currently unable to check out a license due to the number of checkout requests exceeding the number of available licenses. You can enable monitoring Realtime Denials when adding and editing license servers. (Note that by default the "Enable Realtime Denials" box is checked.)

The option to view Realtime Denials works only with the following license servers:

  • LM-X License Manager
  • Dassault Systems License Server (DSLS)
  • Altair License Manager (ALM)
  • EPLAN License Manager (ELM)
  • Custom license server

Note: To monitor Realtime Denials for LM-X License Manager, use the command-line utility lmxendutil, version 4.4 or newer.

See Denied Requests Log for information about importing and reviewing the denial log data.