The information on this page refers to License Statistics v4.13.2 or newer, which added the option to choose whether you want to enable Feature Versioning for the supported license server types or not. As of License Statistics v4.9, Feature Versioning was enabled by default and could not be disabled, so if you are running a version older than v4.9, see Using feature versioning.

You can enable Feature Versioning for the license server types that are supported when adding license servers. This setting applies to all features of a given license server.

When Feature Versioning is turned on, all features will be named feature_version, and usage and denials data will be gathered separately for all versions of a particular feature, thereby providing a finer granularity to report results that is unnecessary for most users.

You may consider using Feature Versioning if you have multiple versions of particular features that you want to track individually. For example, under IBM LUM, Catia MD2 application cost varies depending on version, so using Feature Versioning in such a case would be beneficial.

WARNING: Consider carefully whether to use Feature Versioning, because this setting is not editable.

Feature Versioning works with the following license servers:

  • LM-X License Manager


  • FlexNet

  • Reprise License Manager (RLM)

  • Sentinel RMS

  • Altair License Manager (ALM)
  • TASKING License Manager (TLM)
  • License4J
  • Custom license server