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The information on this page refers to License Statistics 6.0 and newer, which introduced a new user interface (UI). If you are using a version previous to v6.0, see documentation for previous versions.

How effective is your IT asset management? Are costly licenses lying underused? Are users unable to do their work because they cannot access the software they need? Clear answers to these questions can save you thousands in unnecessary license purchases and lost productivity.

With License Statistics, you can easily find out how often users were denied licenses, i.e. you can see when they were unable to check out a license due to the number of checkout requests exceeding the number of available licenses. License Statistics also lets you see the users currently unable to check out a license by delivering information about Realtime Denials, which can be monitored for LM-X License Manager and Dassault license server. On the other hand, when you are using FlexNet, IBM LUM, or Reprise License Manager, you can generate the Denied Requests Log to access data for cases when your users were denied access to their licenses.


Let's assume we want to see how many denials occurred for two users, John and Sam. The Checkout Denials grid shows the user and host for each denial and the time the denial took place. You can group denials by a period of time (hour, day, week, month, or quarter) to quickly get a clear picture of periods of time when the denials were most frequent. The following Grouped Checkout Denials chart shows denials grouped by day. According to the chart, denials were lowest on the 17th of the month, and were at their highest on the 16th.

Gaining deeper understanding of your license usage and seeing the extent of license overuse that may prevent key users from accessing the software they need will help you better forecast your future licensing needs and plan your purchasing accordingly.

For more information, see Measuring license usage by user, Measuring license usage on a group basis, or Measuring current license usage.