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License Statistics version 6.12.1 includes the fixes detailed below. Most of these improvements were made in response to customer feedback. For more information on how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development

For information about activating your License Statistics license, see Activating a License Statistics license on Windows or Activating a License Statistics license online.

In addition to learning about the changes in this release, we highly recommend reviewing the License Statistics v6.0 Release Notes, License Statistics v5.15 Release Notes and License Statistics v5.14 Release Notes if you are upgrading from an older version.


License Statistics v6.12.1 includes the following enhancements.

Issue #Description

Application architecture


Upgraded Java JDK to v16.0.1.


License Statistics v6.12.1 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description
LICSTAT-19233Fixed an issue with tooltips on Feature Usage History chart.
LICSTAT-19207Fixed an issue with parsing LM-X import log.
LICSTAT-19204Fixed an issue with support file creation failing when the "license" directory was missing.
LICSTAT-19203Fixed an issue with importing FlexNet debug log.
LICSTAT-19196Fixed an issue with timeout while querying the license server.
LICSTAT-19194Fixed an issue with Verify action producing a server error for long response time.
LICSTAT-19187Fixed an issue with error: Error updating database - Column 'Collection' cannot be null.
LICSTAT-19180Fixed an issue with unknown feature collection for Autodesk.
LICSTAT-19176Fixed an issue with "Restore sort" button not working on the Query Result grid.
LICSTAT-19172Fixed an issue with failing to reopen sessions that were closed upon License Statistics Agent restart.
LICSTAT-19166Fixed an issue with sessions not closing properly for SPLM import log.
LICSTAT-19126Fixed an issue with handling application state when database-related errors occurred.
LICSTAT-19106Fixed an issue with error 500 while querying Dassault license server.
LICSTAT-19095Fixed an issue with showing number of license servers on License Details page.