Some information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.8 and newer, which added support for Autodesk license reservations. If you are using an older version of License Statistics, see documentation for previous versions.

License Reservations limit license usage according to various parameters that define how a license can be used; for example, by which user(s), on which host(s), etc. The parameters that can be used to define reservations vary depending on the license server and may include the following:

  • Dynamic
  • User
  • User Group
  • Host
  • Host Group
  • IP
  • Project
  • Display

Knowing how many licenses are actually in use gives you more control over denials, gaps in license usage and under-utilization of licenses. Reviewing the License Reservation report helps you understand situations such as users being unable to check out a license despite only 2 out of 10 licenses currently being in use.

Reservations are not considered to be used licenses and are not included in the used licenses count on reports.

You can monitor the number of reserved licenses for the following license servers: