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The LAC REST API is web-based and can be used across a number of programming languages. There are many ways you can use the REST API. For example, you can automate license activation from within your software, providing the highest level of ease of use for your customers. Usually, you use your favorite programming language together with the REST API.

The REST API includes both an end-user and a vendor API:

  • The End-user REST API is used to activate licenses using an activation key automatically created by LAC for each license order and, if relevant, HostID parameters. The End-user API enables the listing of already-generated licenses under a given license order and deactivating a license if needed.
  • The Vendor REST API is used to retrieve, update, add, and delete LAC entities such as customers, licenses, products, and features.   

The REST API calls use various HTTP methods as queries to point to the resource being used. See Supported HTTP headers for descriptions of the HTTP request header fields.

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