License Activation Center (LAC) is a SaaS solution that dramatically simplifies software license creation and distribution. LAC streamlines the license fulfillment process from the perspective of both software vendors and their end users.

Software vendors use the Administrator area of LAC to: 

  1. Define software products, including the product's name, description, version and features. The information needs to be entered only once for each product.
  2. Select a platform-independent license generator (LM-X, FlexNet Publisher or Reprise License Manager RLM), which will be used to automatically generate licenses.
  3. Define one or more product templates that specify settings you can reuse when creating licenses, such as expiration terms, which features should be included, HostID type to be provided when activating the license, etc. Vendors can define as many templates as they like for each product, which can save considerable time during order creation. 

After configuring the product in LAC, the vendor can use LAC to create license orders that meet their customer's needs with a few simple steps:

  1. Enter the customer information (if the customer isn't already in the system), then choose the customer from a drop down list.
  2. Choose the product and the template to be used for the license order. Any settings in the template can be overridden as needed for each individual order.
  3. Generate the Activation Key and send it to the end user.

After receiving the Activation Key from the vendor, the end user can quickly and easily get their license by copying and pasting their Activation Key into the LAC login page, providing their HostID (if required by the vendor), and clicking a button to generate and download the license. Alternatively (and recommended for providing end users with the best experience), the vendor can completely automate the license activation process using the LAC API.

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