The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.11 and newer, which redesigned license server management (resulting in removing merge functionality and the importlog directory, and support for using multiple data sources for license servers rather than separate "realtime" and "import" servers). If you are using a version previous to v6.11, see documentation for previous versions.

How can I produce a FlexNet report log for importing usage data into License Statistics?

You can use a report log to import usage information from a FlexNet license server into License Statistics. The steps for producing and importing a report log are described below and should be repeated for each vendor daemon instance you have.

  1. Create an option file. For example:

    C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware License Server\Licenses\vmwarelm.opt

  2. Specify the location of the option file in your license file. For example:

    SERVER this_host ANY 27000
    VENDOR VMWARELM port=27010 "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware License Server\Licenses\vmwarelm.opt

  3. In the option file, enable report logs. This will produce the log. For example:

    REPORTLOG +"C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware License Server\Licenses\vmwarelm.log

  4.  Enable importing for the license server.  

    # FLEXnet Licensing Report Log, 23 September, 2010 (10:01), "VMWARELM" on "virtualcenter" FLEXnet Licensing v10.8.6.0 build 54892 i86_n3

Is it possible to monitor Realtime Denials for a FlexNet license server?

Currently, monitoring Realtime Denials can be enabled only for LM-X License Manager, Dassault license server, Altair License Manager, and custom license servers.

If you're working with a FlexNet license server and want to obtain information about users currently unable to check out a license due to too many checkout requests, as a workaround you can import debug logs in order to extract denials data from them. See Importing license server data for more information. For a full list of license servers from which License Statistics can gather usage statistics, see Supported license servers.

After a user stopped using an application, FLEXlm still kept that user's license checked out. How can you reset the license?

You should add TIMEOUTALL to your options file. See your FLEXlm end-user documentation for further information.

This problem is very common and has been around for a long time. It occurs because FLEXlm implements a TCP/IP timeout by default, which is up to 2 hours on Windows. The problem only occurs when an application exits in a "unclean" way and doesn't terminate the TCP/IP session properly (for example, if the application crashes).

Looking for a better alternative to FLEXlm that doesn't have this problem? Learn more about X-Formation's LM-X License Manager, the simpler solution for your license management needs.

Why doesn't License Statistics report server errors from my FLEXlm server?

The License Statistics log may contain entries similar to the following:

Vendor daemon status (on skeeter2):

   snpslmd: UP v8.4

Feature usage info:

Users of SSS:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of BASIC_ANALYSES_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of BATCH_MEASURE_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of BATT_TOOL_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of CADENCE_FRAMEWAY_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of CADENCE_NETLISTER_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)
Users of CORENL_CHAR_MEMSSE:  (Error: 1 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)


These errors indicate problems with your FLEXlm license server. The errors are not generated by our software, and unfortunately, there is nothing our software can do to fix your FLEXlm license server or license. To correct the problem, you must resolve the issues with the faulty FLEXlm license server. A good starting place to upgrade lmutil to the newest version. If this does not resolve the problem investigate the cause of the errors is the FLEXlm debug logfile and work with your license supplier.

Why do I see "checkin failed" in the FLEXlm debug log when running License Statistics?

When running License Statistics, you may see something similar to the following in your FLEXlm debug log:

19:43:34 (MSC) OUT: "PATRAN" user1@address1
19:43:43 (MSC) IN: "PATRAN" user2@address2  (INACTIVE)
19:44:18 (MSC) Checkin failed feature "NASTRAN": root na5 /dev/tty
19:44:18 (MSC)  ""
19:44:18 (MSC) Checkin failed feature "NA_Dynamics": root na5 /dev/tty
19:44:18 (MSC)  ""
19:44:18 (MSC) Checkin failed feature "NA_Nonlinear": root na5 /dev/tty
19:44:18 (MSC)  ""
19:44:18 (MSC) Checkin failed feature "NA_Thermal": root na5 /dev/tty
19:44:18 (MSC)  ""
19:44:18 (MSC) Checkin failed feature "NA_DMAP": root na5 /dev/tty

During operation, License Statistics uses the lmdiag command to poll information from the license daemon. The error is due to bugs between lmdiag and lmgrd + vendor daemon, and not License Statistics itself.

To reproduce this, you can type:

lmdiag -n -c port@host

From our observations, this error does not appear to be harmful. The problem has been reported for FLEXlm versions between 8 and 10. More recent versions no longer seem to have this issue.

To fix the error, try downloading the latest version of lmutil  and place it in the C:\xflicstat directory. If this does not fix the problem, talk to your application vendor and get a fixed version of FLEXlm.

Does License Statistics handle FLEXlm reservations?

License Statistics handles reservations that aren't included in license usage statistics until they're actively used.

When querying a FLEXlm license server, output that includes reserved licenses looks similar to the following:

Users of adv_assemblies: (Total of 27 licenses issued; Total of 6 licenses in use)

  "adv_assemblies" v21.0, vendor: uglmd
  floating license

2 RESERVATIONs for INTERNET 10.1.*.* (lic_ugs/27000)
2 RESERVATIONs for INTERNET 10.10.*.* (lic_ugs/27000)
2 RESERVATIONs for INTERNET 121.*.*.* (lic_ugs/27000)