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The License Statistics licensing model names have changed with this release:


Note that operating system and hardware requirements have  have changed with this release.


Issue #Description

Improved Features Usage Per User History grid by adding columns for:

  • Min Used
  • Avg Used
  • Min Borrowed
  • Denials
  • Total

Changed page names in the Administration navigation section

Prior to v6.15v6.15 and above
Account ManagementAccounts
Email Server ConfigurationEmail Server
LDAP ConfigurationLDAP
Database ManagementData Management
Miscellaneous User Interface
License DetailsLicensing

LICSTAT-20319Added information about the order of LM-X HAL servers on the add/edit license server form
LICSTAT-20311Added informational messages for empty charts 

Improved Users Realtime Usage grid by adding columns for:

  • Borrowed
  • Total
  • Utilization
LICSTAT-20154Added notification that displays the number of outdated agents (for Administrators only)

Improved User Usage History grid by renaming the "Max Usage" column to "Max Used" and adding columns for:

  • Min Used
  • Avg Used
  • Min Borrowed
  • Denials
  • Total
  • Max Usage

Changed feature version format to remove "v" preceding feature number (e.g., "feature (v1.0, Floating)" is now "feature (1.0, Floating)")

LICSTAT-20102Changed colors on grids for sorting and filtering to be less obtrusive 

Added notification to warn about host resources below minimum requirements


Added Time Used to tooltips in time-oriented charts 

LICSTAT-19968Added capability to disconnect all offline agents at once on the Agents grid 

Updated browser requirements

  • updated minimum recommended versions
  • dropped support for Internet Explorer
LICSTAT-19930Added Agent ID grid column to the Agents grid
LICSTAT-19885Improved triggering chart tooltips 


Changed chart tooltips to use labeled list format

LICSTAT-19820Added ability to customize LDAP Users Import interval
LICSTAT-19781Made singular/plural label forms consistent with the context
LICSTAT-19779Made empty grid layouts consistent
LICSTAT-18810Made labels consistent, following Material Design writing principles 
LICSTAT-20059Made responses consistent, following Material Design writing principles

Extended Usage Per User grid endpoints with additional properties:

  • /api/v3/license-server/[id]/usage-per-user/[format]
  • /api/v3/feature/[id]/usage-per-user/[format]

Extended Users Realtime Usage grid endpoints with additional properties:

  • /api/v3/user/[id]/current-usage/[format]
  • /api/v3/user/group/[id]/current-usage/[format]

Extended Users History Usage grid endpoints with additional properties:

  • /api/v3/user/[id]/usage-history/[format]
  • /api/v3/user/group/[id]/usage-history/[format]
License Statistics Agent
LICSTAT-19838Used API v3 only

Application architecture

LICSTAT-20486Added License Statistics Agent installer to License Statistics Linux distribution
LICSTAT-20435Upgraded Java JDK to v17.0.3
LICSTAT-20383Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
LICSTAT-20363Added support for Debian 11
LICSTAT-20343Added support for Windows Server 2022
LICSTAT-20320Upgraded Java libraries
LICSTAT-20164Forced more secure digest algorithm for binaries signing
LICSTAT-20114Updated System Updated system requirements
LICSTAT-19943Added support for Windows 11
LICSTAT-19881Upgraded ExtJS to v7.5.0
LICSTAT-19880Upgraded LM-X to v5.2.1

Improved process handling to stop application gracefully

Additional enhancements
LICSTAT-20487Updated EULA

Changed the official licensing names

LICSTAT-20281Added support for FlexNet token licenses for feature simcenter_token (vendor daemon ugslmd)   
LICSTAT-20280Added vendor alias for FlexNet license server (TEDATA and TEDATA64)
LICSTAT-20136Improved cache calculation performance
LICSTAT-20044Updated copyright to 2022
LICSTAT-20036Made a new license server hidden by default for users who cannot control the visibility
LICSTAT-20030Extended cache capability to support new columns on reports
LICSTAT-19601Improved algorithm for inserting delayed data from agents 
Removed features
LICSTAT-20523Dropped support for Red Hat Enterprise 7