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  1. Select License Statistics Agent Manager from the main menu, or use the Agent settings icon from the tray:
  2. Select Configuration from the Agent Manager options.

  3. The configuration tool opens.
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    Configuration settingRequiredWhere to find the configuration information
    License Statistics URLTrue

    The License Statistics URL is an endpoint to the License Statistics license server that License Statistics Agent will communicate with.

    The Agent will connect to the server and receive all necessary configuration information silently.

    • In License Statistics versions prior to v6.9, the URL was a link to a specific Autodesk server. When migrating to v6.9 from an older version, the URL will be automatically updated to the proper value, so no manual reconfiguration is needed.

    Agent API TokenTrue

    The Agent API Token is an authorization token, which License Statistics administrators can generate as described in API access.

    FlagsFalseFlags define custom options for Agent execution, and should not be used unless instructed to do so by X-Formation Support.