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Every LM-X protected application has a search path for licenses. The application will search for licenses in the following order.


Search Path


Preset path and/or automatic server discovery (this information is provided by your application vendor).


The environment variable VENDOR_LICENSE_PATH. The VENDOR name is the same as that specified in the license file.


The generic environment variable LMX_LICENSE_PATH, which is used by all applications protected by LM-X.

Note: Paths are separated with a semicolon ( ; ) on Windows systems and a colon ( : ) on Unix systems.

Using the above search paths, the application will try to find a license in the following order:

  1. Borrowed license.
  2. License embedded as a string in the software.
  3. Node-locked (local) license.
  4. Network (floating) license (this includes automatic server discovery).
  5. Grace license.
  6. Trial license.

Note: LM-X attempts to use local licenses before it tries to use counted network licenses to optimize license utilization.

At each step, if no license is found in the specified source, the application will continue to the next source in the path. You may specify unlimited multiple paths if desired; for example under Windows, LMX_LICENSE_PATH=6200@server1;6200@server2;6200@server3. The protected application stops searching as soon as it finds a valid license.