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 The license server supports extensions to accommodate custom behavior; for example, you can:

  • Modify the length of connection timeouts.
  • Set the custom HostID callback function to create licenses that are locked to a license server with a custom HostID.
  • Enable notifications for cases when a client tries to checkout or reserve a feature that is not available.
  • Get information prior to or as part of the checkout/checkin, reservation, and reservation early return requests on the server side, which allows for flexibility when determining which licenses should be checked in and out, and lets you change license requests dynamically.
  • Implement custom handlers for the License Server start and stop events.

You include your custom code in lmxserverconf.c file, which is used to build the file liblmxvendor.dll (for Windows) or (for Unix). A default liblmxvendor file is included with the SDK.

You must distribute liblmxvendor.dll (or .so) to end users together with the license server executable (lmx-serv). See End-user file distribution for more information about distributing this and other files to end users.