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Getting your LM-X licensed application up and running takes little to no effort. Depending on what type of licensing you have for the application, you will need the following:

Type of License

What you need


No license or setup required.

Standalone (also referred to as node-locked)

A license file installed on, and often locked to, an individual machine.

Network (also referred to as floating or shared)

A license server deployed at your site and a license file that is installed on that license server.  

The LM-X End-user Configuration Tool helps you obtain information your vendor may request from you in order to create your node-locked or floating license; for example, your application vendor may ask for your HostID. 

The LM-X End-user Configuration Tool also gives you a quick and easy way to add or remove license files from your license path, install a license server, and query a license server all from one simple dialog. These same tasks can also be run from a command line on either Windows or Unix with the LM-X End-user utility.