The information on this page refers to v4.4.3 and later, which introduced an installation program that installs both LM-X License Server and the end-user tools. For installation instructions applicable to earlier versions, see Removed Features.

Installing end-user tools and LM-X License Server

An installation program lets you quickly and easily install end-user tools, as well as the LM-X License Server. The installer will allow you to install the license server as a service for Windows, Linux and Mac. (For other platforms, you will need to start the license server as a daemon manually.)

Note: You can also perform a silent installaion.

To download the latest installation program, go to For previous versions, contact your application vendor.

When you run the installation program, a wizard guides you through each installation step. The installation program optionally lets you install LM-X License Server as a service and helps you locate and copy the liblmxvendor library, which is required for starting the LM-X License Server. This library and any updates to it are supplied by your application vendor.

Uninstalling LM-X License Server on Linux

To uninstall LM-X License Server on Linux:

  1. Remove the directory where your SDK is installed (for example, /home/john/lmx-sdk-4.8.1).
  2. If you installed the end-user tools, remove the directory where your end-user tools are located.
  3. Remove init script from /etc/init.d/lmxserv{version} (for example, lmxserv481 for LM-X version 4.8.1).
    Please note that you need to switch to root privilege or use sudo to be able to remove init script.

Also see Installing and uninstalling a license server on Windows for detailed steps on how to install a license server as a service on Windows.