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The information on this page refers to LM-X v4.4 or newer, which added the USAGE_WRITE_INTERVAL setting. This setting is not available in previous versions of LM-X. 

The vendor enables Pay Per Use by editing the USAGE_DATABASE entry (disabled by default) in the license server configuration file. The configuration file contains a description and examples for using the USAGE_DATABASE setting. (For information on configuring Pay Per Use, see License server configuration file and Enabling and configuring license server logging.)

You can edit the USAGE_LEVEL setting in the configuration file to specify whether to generate a STANDARD report that does not include user information, or a DETAILED report that includes the username, hostname and IP address for each checkout and checkin request. The USAGE_LEVEL setting is set to STANDARD in the configuration file by default. In addition, you can set the USAGE_WRITE_INTERVAL option in the configuration to specify the number of pay-per-use actions (checkouts, checkins, etc.) that should occur before pay-per-use records will be written to the usage database file. Note that records will immediately be written to the database file when the server is shut down.

The usage database can be verified and printed to screen using the lmxendutil -readusagedb command. (See LM-X End-user utility for information about using this command.) This command reads the database, performs a verification, and prints the usage table content to the screen. You can review the content to ensure its validity by verifying the ID ranges; however, never attempt to manipulate the database.