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Apart from a fully automated license activation using License Activation Center (LAC), LM-X gives you the ability to activate your licenses in two ways:

  • Semi-automated, using LM-X API
  • Manual

Partially automating license activation

You can partially automate your license activation by using the LM-X API to integrate HostID retrieval into your application. (See LMX_HostidSimple and LMX_Hostid.) This enables you to obtain the information in a more automated way. You can also automate the execution of xmllicgen by integrating it with any custom license generation tools. License delivery would be the same as for manual license activation.

Manually activating licenses

Manually activating licenses is feasible for issuing fewer numbers of licenses, but is difficult to manage for larger numbers of license activations.

To manually activate a license, you need to work individually with your end users as follows:

  1. You ask the end user to run the LM-X End-user utility or End-user Configuration tool to obtain their HostID(s).
  2. The end user sends you their HostID(s).
  3. You enter the HostID tag(s) in the license template.
  4. You generate a license using xmllicgen.
  5. You send a license to the customer.