The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.15 and newer, which made a new license server hidden by default for users who cannot control the visibility. If you are using a version previous to v6.15, see documentation for previous versions.

You may want to hide the display of any license servers or features you are not interested in, particularly if there are a lot of features being monitored. Hidden license servers and hidden features will not be visible on any reports.

If you hide the display of any license servers or features, the reports showing usage statistics for these servers or features will be inaccessible from the License Statistics Dashboard.

Depending on your individual account permissions, set by a License Statistics administrator, you may or may not be able to control the visibility of license servers and features. Your visibility settings persist for your logged-in account, so they will be the same each time you start License Statistics.

Hiding and showing license servers

To control which license servers are visible in License Statistics:

  1. Click on the logged-in username shown in the upper right of the License Statistics application window, and select Visibility from the drop-down menu.
  2. The License Server Visibility tab on the resulting Visibility settings page lists every monitored license server, divided into a Visible License Servers grid and a Hidden License Servers grid. These grids also list information to help you identify each license server, including the vendor and license manager. 
  3. Select the license servers you want to hide from the Visible License Servers list by clicking anywhere in that license server's row (except on the name of the license server, which links to that license server page.) You can select multiple license servers at one time using the Shift and Ctrl keys.
  4. Click Hide to move the selected license servers to the Hidden License Servers list. 
  5. To show servers that are currently hidden, select the license servers from the Hidden License Servers list as described above, and then click Show to move them to the Visible License Servers list.
  6. You can click on any server in the Visible License Servers list to go to the page for that license server.

The new license server is hidden by default for accounts with a User role that cannot control visibility.

Hiding and showing features

To control which features are visible in License Statistics:

  1. Go to Visibility settings as described above.
  2. Select the Feature Visibility tab.
  3. Move the features between the Visible Features or Hidden Features lists in the same manner as described for license servers above. (You can also hide a selected feature in any of the Features pages by clicking the Hide icon for the feature, located on the right side of the General Information area.)
  4. You can click on any feature in the Visible Features list to go to the page for that feature.

Visibility settings using license servers groups

Due to potential inconsistency of the reports, visibility settings are not applied to reports for license servers groups.

If you hide feature and/or license server, the reports will stop showing them. However reports generated for license server groups containing hidden license servers or features will continue to include them to deliver consistent statistics.