This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Reports have been restructured and reorganized as of License Statistics v6.14. 

Prior to v6.14v6.14 and newer
Current UsageFeatures - Realtime - Usage
Uptime Administration - License Servers tab
Usage HistoryFeatures - History - Usage

The Current Usage, Uptime, and Usage History pages under the License Servers section let you quickly access any license server details you are interested in. You can also go directly to the Current Usage page for a license server by clicking on the server name from the License Servers section of the Dashboard.

General Information

All license server pages include a General Information area at the top of the page that shows general information about the selected license server, including:

  • License server name
  • Vendor name

  • Statuses for each data source type (Remote Monitoring, Importing, and End User Monitoring)

  • Last update time

    The color of the text used for "Last Update Time" indicates the minutes elapsed since the last update time:

    Minutes elapsed since last update timeColor indicator
    0 - 10


    10 - 20Orange
    20 or moreRed

Editing license server information

To edit license server information, use the License Servers page under the Administration section.