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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.0 and newer, which introduced a new user interface (UI). If you are using a version previous to v6.0, see documentation for previous versions.

The Current Usage, Uptime, and Usage History pages under the License Servers section let you quickly access any license server details you are interested in. You can also go directly to the Current Usage page for a license server by clicking on the server name from the License Servers section of the Dashboard.

All license server pages include a General Information area at the top of the page that shows general information about the selected license server, including:

  • License server name
  • Vendor name
  • Gathering type (Realtime, Realtime Group, Imported, Imported Group) 

    If you see a warning symbol next to the Gathering Type, hovering over the warning symbol will display a message that indicates the license server has historical data but no configuration, and therefore is not a valid realtime license server. No realtime data can be monitored for the license server in this case, so we recommend that you remove the license server using the License Servers grid in the Administration page.
  • Last update time

    As long as the server returns a valid response each time it's queried, the data is considered up-to-date. If querying fails at any point, the data is not considered to be up-to-date and is displayed in red.

  • Status (Up, Down, etc.)

Editing license server information

To edit license server information, use the License Servers page under the Administration section. This page also lets you enter and edit server aliases and merge server data.