The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.10 and newer, which redesigned the General Information area to include LDAP details (removing the separate LDAP details area) and toggle display of matching cloud users, and added a Cloud Users grid. If you are using a version older than 6.10, see documentation for previous versions

The pages under the User section in the left navigation pane let you see information for realtime (current) usage and usage history, including denials, for a selected user.

General usage

General user information

All user pages include a General Information area at the top of the page that shows general information about the selected user, including the user's name and other identifying information that has been set for the user, such as the Display Name, Description, and LDAP details.

Matching usernames for cloud users

You can also view the number and details for all cloud users (for example, for Autodesk usage monitoring) that match usernames on the host for the selected user. There may be more than a single matching username on both the host side and the cloud side; for example, a single username (e.g., "administrator") can use multiple cloud accounts and a single cloud account can be associated with multiple usernames (e.g., "administrator," "system," and "jsmith").

The number of matching users is shown under "Cloud Users" along with a show/hide icon. Click the icon to show/hide the details for the matching users. 

When toggled on, a "Cloud Users" grid appears below the General Information area. For example, the following illustration shows details for one matching cloud user.

Editing user details

You can edit details for the selected user by clicking the edit icon on the top right of the General Information area.