The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.18 and newer, which introduced the CLI. If you are using an earlier version of License Statistics, please refer to the documentation for previous releases. 

Executing custom SQL statements on the database can result in data loss or corruption. Run this procedure only when requested to do so by X-Formation Support.

To avoid data loss or corruption, we recommend that you always back up your database before performing any operations on the database.

About running a custom SQL script

In rare cases, X-Formation Support may ask you to run a custom SQL script to fix problems with the database.

You can run a custom SQL script on either an embedded database or an external database, as described below. All commands shown in the examples below use the default installation path. Adjust the commands to reflect your environment as necessary.

Running a custom SQL script

You can run a custom SQL script using the following procedure:

  1. Create a backup of your database.
  2. Stop License Statistics.
  3. Open a terminal/console in administration mode. 
  4. Go to the License Statistics installation directory. 
    • For Windows:

      cd C:\Program Files\X-Formation\License Statistics
    • For Linux:

      cd /opt/xflicstat/bin
  5. Execute the SQL script delivered to you by X-Formation Support.
    • For Windows:

      xflicstat-cli.exe storage restore --confirm [download_file_directory]\script.sql
    • For Linux:

      ./xflicstat-cli storage restore --confirm [download_file_directory]/script.sql
  6. Start License Statistics
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