Failure to import log file

When using License Statistics to import data, partial/rotated logs are not supported; if associated checkins/checkouts are not contained in the same log file, the data import may fail. In such cases, you will see an error message such as: "Cannot import log file. Checkin at line 177 references a checkout from an earlier log file. Merge the log files and try again." (Where line 177 is the line that contains the checkin that has no associated checkout contained in the same log file.)

You can try to merge the partial log files into one log file that contains complete checkin/checkout information, as described below.

For Windows, type the following from a command line:

type file1 file2... filen > output.txt

For Linux, type the following in a console:

cat file1 file2... filen > output.txt

where file1 file2... filen are the names of any number of files to be merged and output.txt is the name of the file that will result from the merge.

Merging CodeCollaborator log files

CodeCollabolator rotates log files when the file reaches 10 MB. Merging the rotated log files will generate more accurate data than a "license.log" file. 

To merge the log files for Windows, type the following from a command line:

type collab.log.n ... collab.log.1 collab.log >> import.log

To merge the log files for Linux, type the following in a console:importlog

cat collab.log.n ... collab.log.1 collab.log >> import.log

"Ignoring the negative user status from log" error

When importing a log to License Statistics, you may see the following warning in the License Statistics:

WARNING: Ignoring the negative user status from log!

This warning can occur if borrowed licenses are checked out before logging starts and checked back in after logging starts. This results in borrowed checkins with no matching checkouts, which are ignored and produce this warning.

Normally, this warning does not indicate an ongoing problem; however, a high number of warnings may indicate a broken log file or parsing errors. If you are seeing a high number of warnings, send us the import log for investigation.