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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.0 and newer, which introduced a new user interface (UI).

License Statistics lets you connect to an LDAP server to access user accounts (see Connecting to an LDAP server) and user groups you have defined in an LDAP directory (see Importing LDAP user groups).

Currently, License Statistics has been tested only with Microsoft Active Directory. You may use other LDAP directories, but they are untested with License Statistics at this time. The following instructions for setting up LDAP apply to Active Directory, but may be used as a basis for connecting to other LDAP directories.

To access LDAP configuration settings, select LDAP Configuration under the Administration section. (This page is visible only for License Statistics administrator users.) See Connecting to an LDAP server for details on how to configure LDAP using the LDAP Configuration page (including automating user account creation).