The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.0 and newer, which introduced a new user interface (UI). If you are using a version previous to v6.0, see documentation for previous versions.

License Statistics administrators can configure email used for sending notifications to License Statistics users using the Email Server page under the Administration section (this page is visible only to administrative users).

To configure email for License Statistics notifications:

  1. Enter your email server name in the Server Name field.
  2. If your email server requires a secure connection, select either SSL or TSL from the Secure connection drop-down list. Otherwise, you can use the default "None" value.
  3. If needed, change the port for the server in the Port field.
  4. Select the method to use for authentication from the Authentication type drop-down list: Plain text, Login, or None. (Check with your system administrator to determine the authentication type that should be used.)
  5. In the Username and Password fields, enter a username and password for the mail server account (these fields do not apply if Authentication type is "None."
  6. Check the "Enable Email Notifications" checkbox to allow users to receive notifications. (Users must subscribe to notifications to receive them, as described in Subscribing to email alerts.)
  7. In the From field, enter your email address. Note: The email address must first be added in the Account Settings page, accessed using the options under the username shown in the upper right corner of License Statistics.
  8. In the Send As field, enter the name you want to display as the sender in email notifications. Note: The Send As field is used only when the mail server supports it; most mail servers do not support this field.
  9. To save the email configuration, click Save.
  10. To check that the email configuration works, click Verify. License Statistics tests that email can be sent to "admin" using the email address specified in Preferences (as described in Subscribing to email alerts). A message will inform you of the success or failure of the verification.