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What is License Statistics?

License Statistics is an online application that lets you gather and create reports of license usage information in real time or through log importation (see License Statistics Overview).  

License Statistics gathers real-time data at specified intervals (see Configuring License Statistics) and stores it in a MySQL database (see The License Statistics database). These data snapshots give you a comprehensive picture of license usage when averaged over time. You can easily see which software features are being used most, which departments have the highest usage, which users have the most frequent or lengthy checkouts, and so on. In addition, License Statistics lets you import existing data from a wide variety of license server logs, including FLEXlm/FlexNet denied request logs and encrypted report log files.

Note: Depending on the License Statistics options you purchased, License Statistics may include real-time data, imported data, or both.

Variations such as broken network connections may have a minor effect on results for any given snapshot, but have little effect on overall results. For example, if you want to measure license usage per user, instead of counting each minute of each user's license usage, sum up the data over a period of days or months to compare levels of usage accurately. You can use this collective information to help you make informed decisions regarding departmental budgeting, additional license needs, and other crucial areas in managing your licenses.