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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.10 or newer, which reinstated the use of the License Activator tool (which was discontinued in v6.9), specifically for activating a license on a machine that is not connected to the internet. 

Perform the following steps to activate a License Statistics license on a machine that is not connected to the internet. 

  1. Stop License Statistics if it is running.
  2. Copy the License Activator tool to the host (available online or under the tools directory in Windows installations as of License Statistics v6.10).
  3. Run the License Activator and select the option to export all the computer's HostIDs to a .hostid file.
  4. Copy the HostIDs file and License Activator to the machine that has internet access.
  5. From the machine that is connected to the internet, do the following:
    1. Run License Activator.
    2. Select the option to activate a license over the internet, and enter your Activation Key (sent to you via email). If you cannot locate your activation key, request it by contacting us.
    3. Select the option to activate a license for a different computer and specify the HostIDs file path.
    4. Click Next to continue, and then click Activate to start the activation.
      A final screen displays the progress and success (or failure) of the license activation. When activation has completed successfully, you will see the license file in the same location as the License Activator tool.
    5. Close the License Activator window.
  6. Copy the license file to the License Statistics machine:
    1. For Linux: Copy the license file to the license folder under the License Statistics installation directory. Make sure the directory contains the new license file instead of the old license file (if there was one).
    2. for Windows: Copy the license file to any location, and then add the file using License Statistics Manager.
  7. Start License Statistics.
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