License Statistics v6.22 restructured how License Statistics user account permissions are managed

  • Permissions are now controlled using roles: Administrator, User, or custom-defined
  • Visibility settings are controlled separately from permissions

During migration:

  • All accounts will gain permission to see all reports
  • Administrator accounts will keep the Administrator role, with permissions to access data for all license servers/features
  • Administrator accounts will keep their visibility settings
  • User accounts will keep the User role, with their account visibility settings migrated as specified in the table below 

The following table shows how permissions are migrated from settings made in License Statistics versions prior to v6.22 to the new settings introduced with v6.22.

Before migration (prior to v6.22)After migration (v6.22 and newer)
Permission typePermission to control visibility?PermissionVisibility
License server visibilityYes

Has permission to access all license servers

License server visibility settings are retained per account


Has permission to access only visible license servers (requires a custom role to be created)

All permitted license servers are set to be visible

Feature visibilityYesHas the same permissions as its license serverFeature visibility settings are retained per account for all permitted license servers

Has no permissions to access license servers with hidden features

Feature visibility settings are retained per account for all permitted license servers

For complete information about creating user accounts and setting permissions, see Managing License Statistics user accounts. For information about controlling visibility per account, see Visibility settings.

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