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The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.15 and newer, which added customizable import intervals. If you are using a version prior to v6.15, see documentation for previous versions.

After configuring LDAP, you can optionally enable automatic LDAP user import by toggling on the Enable LDAP Users Import option in the Administration: LDAP page.

To limit the import, you can enter a query in the Filter field. You can test that the LDAP import will work properly by clicking Verify, which connects to the LDAP server and executes the query using the specified filter.

LDAP users are automatically imported at 1- to 24-hour intervals, as specified in the Import Interval field, which defaults to 6-hour intervals. 

You can also manually import LDAP users at any time by clicking Save and Import. When an import is already in progress, this button is disabled. After you begin an import, the page will display the import's progress and inform you of its success or failure.

To define schema settings for the import, click the Schema Settings expand button.