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As of License Statistics v6.0, Licensing Model 2013 is deprecated and has been replaced with Licensing Model 2019, which simplifies the licensing rules.

  • Licensing Model 2019 is not supported for License Statistics versions older than v6.0.
  • Licensing Model 2013 will continue to work with all License Statistics versions, including v5.x and v6.x, according to the rules described in this section.


As of License Statistics v6.0, the application will start as a Trial license type with Licensing Model 2019 rules. All the values displayed on the Licensing page in Administration will be calculated according to Licensing Model 2019 rules.

Licensing Model 2013 termination

We are not planning to terminate support for Licensing Model 2013 for existing customers, with the exception of Licensing Model 2010 customers as noted below. All licenses will continue to work and it will be possible to extend the maintenance on the original licensing rules. However, note that:

  • New customers cannot use Licensing Model 2013 with a new purchase of License Statistics v6.0 or newer.
  • After March 15, 2020, existing customers can no longer change existing license terms (for example, purchasing an add-on, increasing number of users/license servers, or changing license type) using Licensing Model 2013. Transition to Licensing Model 2019 will be required when making any changes to existing license terms.
  • Due to technical limitations, License Statistics v5.x does not support Licensing Model 2019, so in order to make changes to existing license terms after March 15, 2020, customers will be required to upgrade to License Statistics v6.x.
  • Upon initially upgrading to Licensing Model 2019, existing customers can maintain their current level of monitoring by increasing their number of monitored users up to the number required by Licensing Model 2019 (according to the limits specified in the Licensing page), at no additional cost. This is a one-time free upgrade when moving from Licensing Model 2013 to Licensing Model 2019. Thereafter, annual maintenance fees will account for any additional users at the applicable rate under the terms of Licensing Model 2019.
  • Licensing Model 2010 customers should note that we will begin eliminating Licensing Model 2010 on May 15, 2020. Please contact us for details on your specific transition process.

Comparison of Licensing Model 2013 and Licensing Model 2019 

Licensing Model 2013Licensing Model 2019

Changing existing license terms after March 15, 2020 requires upgrade to Licensing Model 2019.

Note that existing customers, during transition to Licensing Model 2019, may increase their number of users (up to the limit specified in the Licensing page) at no additional cost.

Changing existing license terms possible without limitations.
Beginning with License Statistics v6.2, some new features will not be available for use with Licensing Model 2013. Existing functionality (implemented prior to v6.2) will continue to work with Licensing Model 2013.No limitations on access to features introduced after v6.1.x.
Removing imported license server is not releasing the imported license servers license limit.Removing data (license servers or features) is releasing users and license servers license limits.
Not available to new customers.Available to all customers.
Number of actively monitored Realtime License Servers is limited by Realtime License Server license count.One counter for all License Servers.
Number of Imported License Servers is limited by Imported License Server license count.One counter for all License Servers.
Imported License Servers are calculated using data from the last 3 months.All License Servers are calculated.
Separate Realtime and Imported Users usage counting.One counter for all Users in entire history available for reporting.
Denials are not counted towards licensing.One counter for all Users in entire history available for reporting (including Denials).
Realtime Users are calculated from last 14 days.One counter for all Users in entire history available for reporting (including Realtime Users).
Imported Users are calculated in entire history.One counter for all Users in entire history available for reporting (including Imported Users).
Username and User-Host licenses are supported.

Username license is supported, and monitored hosts are limited to 125% of the total users allowed for monitoring.

The host limit can be lifted by purchasing a High Performance Computing (HPC) add-on, which allows unlimited hosts to be monitored.

Available for License Statistics v5.x and v6.x.Available for License Statistics v6.x.

Moving to Licensing Model 2019

All customers have the ability to move to Licensing Model 2019. To do this, please contact X-Formation Sales to modify your license configuration and deliver a new license to you. Due to Licensing Model 2019's simplified way of calculating license servers and users, new values for these calculations will need to be set in the new license. Please be prepared to provide our sales representative with the new values, as described in "Determining new license usage" below.

The Activation Key for the license will remain the same. Simple license reactivation will be required in order to use License Statistics v6.x with Licensing Model 2019.

Determining new license usage

If you are using License Statistics v5.x, upgrading to v6.x is required in order to determine new licensing requirements.

License Statistics v6.x includes a Licensing tab in the Administration page to help you determine your license usage.

  • If Licensing Model 2013 is used, the Licensing tab will contain sections for Realtime and Import licenses, which show the usage details for Licensing Model 2013. The panel above this section shows the usage values that would be in effect under Licensing Model 2019. Provide these numbers to our sales department in order to receive your new license.
  • If Licensing Model 2019 is used, you will see only a single section showing usage.