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The information on this page refers to License Statistics versions prior to v6.3. This information no longer applies to License Statistics v6.3 and newer.

The License Server Current Usage endpoint delivers license usage metrics specific to the License Server Current Usage, allowing you to monitor all the features for the currently selected license server.


ColumnFull nameTypeDescriptionVisible by default in export
fidFeature IdintegerInternal License Statistics identification of the feature.
Minus (-)(minus)No
fnsFeature NamestringFeature name.(tick)Yes
fvFeature VersionstringFeature version.(tick)Yes
ftypeFeature TypeenumerationSee feature type descriptions for details.(tick)Yes
fuUsedintegerNumber of used licenses.(tick)Yes
fbrwdBorrowedintegerNumber of borrowed licenses.(tick)Yes
frvdReservedinteger/stringNumber of reserved licenses, or "N/A"  if License Reservations are not supported by the license server.(tick)Yes
ftTotalinteger/stringTotal licenses for a feature or "Unlimited" if an unlimited license.
futilUtilizationintegerPercentage of feature utilization.(tick)Yes
fexpFeature ExpiresdateFeature expiration date.(tick)Yes


Last Updatedate and timeTime of last update. For realtime, the time the feature was last seen on the license server.


ExpiredbooleanIndicates whether the feature has expired.Minus (-)(minus)No

Note that the order in the table is the default order of the columns in the exported file.