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The information on this page refers to versions prior to 4.8, which replaced web-based UI with LM-X License Server Client.

LM-X License Manager includes a web-based UI that helps you to monitor and manage your LM-X License Server. The LM-X web-based UI runs on most popular browsers. For complete system requirements for the web-based UI, please see System requirements for UIs.

Using the web-based UI, you can:

  • View information and statistics about the LM-X License Server.
  • Restart or shut down the license server.
  • View the LM-X server's HostIDs (unique machine values that can be used to lock a license file to a host), such as Ethernet, Hostname, IP Address, etc.
  • View license usage statistics for the current license server, as well as for borrow, grace and trial licenses.
  • View and edit the configuration file. (A password is required to access the configuration file.)
  • View and search for entries in the log file.