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Selecting a license server

The first time you access LM-X License Server Client, a small dialog with a combo box pops up that lets you either select a LM-X license server's IP address as the URL from the list or type it directly. You can choose from the following URLs:

After you make your selection, you can easily view and manage the license server of your choosing, as shown below.

Selecting a license server that is down

When you select a server which is down, then the main window turns grey and the message "License server is down" is displayed, as shown below.

You are then prompted to choose from other servers you added earlier or add a new server by typing its URL in the dialog that appears, as shown below.

Removing a license server

To remove a license server's IP address from the License Server URL combo box, click "X" to the right of the URL you wish to remove, as shown below.

 After removing the URL, you will be automatically switched to the server above the one you have removed.

Note: You cannot delete all servers – when only one server is left, "X" disappears.