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How can I obtain LM-X License Manager dongle drivers?

At X-Formation we offer Sentinel HASP HL Pro dongles. For more information about downloading the latest Sentinel HASP drivers, go to End User Tools Downloads.

Note: If an LM-X dongle is plugged into a machine that does not have the dongle drivers installed, the Windows "Found New Hardware" dialog will appear. You can follow the prompts in this dialog to install the drivers using Windows update.

You may also download the dongle drivers attached to this article. If desired, software vendors can ship the drivers to customers along with the dongle.

BIOS/HARDDISK serial numbers disappear on Windows

If the serial numbers of BIOS and HARDDISK HostIDs disappear on your Windows machine, you should check if all the drivers for your motherboard are correctly installed.

Furthermore, one workaround to mitigate this problem is to use the HostID match rating setting, HOSTID_MATCH_RATE.

For more information about this problem, see Operating system issues.

Why am I getting communication errors between the client and LM-X license server?

Communication errors between the client and LM-X license server may indicate a problem with the client machine.

See Communication issues
for more information.

Does LM-X License Manager allow our users to travel with their licenses?

LM-X License Manager supports a wide range of license policies, including borrowing a license. For an overview of some of the license policies that LM-X can handle, see Define a license policy.

Can end users administer and monitor their licenses?

With LM-X License Manager, software vendors can provide end users with a license file they can use as a standalone license or with a license server. Our license monitoring software, License Statistics, lets endusers monitor the use of floating or standalone licenses.

Can I combine multiple license files into one?

Although it is usually possible to combine licenses, we recommend that in most cases individual licenses are kept separate. LM-X protected applications will search specified license paths for standalone licenses until a correct license is found, so there is generally no reason for combining licenses.

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