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Some information on this page refers to LM-X v4.8.1 or newer, which extended the range of valid values for the MIN_CHECKOUT directive. If you are running a previous version of LM-X, see documentation for previous versions.

The MIN_CHECKOUT directive holds licenses after they are checked in if the license was used for less than the specified minimum checkout time. For example, if you specify MIN_CHECKOUT=240 (4 minutes), and the license is used for 2 minutes, the license will be held for an additional 2 minutes after checkin.

In the same manner as the HOLD directive, the server holds licenses after the client disconnects until the minimum checkout time has been reached. Valid values range from 1 to 31536000 seconds (1 year).

The MIN_CHECKOUT directive can be particularly useful when combined with host sharing, which is described in the SHARE section.

This directive can be used only with network licenses; accordingly, the COUNT directive must be set if MIN_CHECKOUT is set.