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This flag lets you enable blacklisting of local, network or borrow licenses.

Blacklisting applies to a specific feature in the license file, based on the unique KEY value of the feature. If this flag is set for a feature that is checked out and checked back in, the feature will no longer be available for checkout. For network licenses, calls to LMX_Checkout for the blacklisted license will return LMX_FEATURE_NOT_FOUND; for local licenses, calls to LMX_Checkout will return LMX_BLACKLIST.

You can re-host the license (replace the blacklisted license file with a newly generated license file) to make the feature available for checkout again.  

For more information about using blacklisting, see Blacklisting issued licenses.


Possible values:

An integer, as follows:  

0 (disabled)
1 (enabled)

Default value:

0 (disabled)

For example:

// Check out the feature to be blacklisted
if (LMX_Checkout(hLMX, "feature_to_blacklist", 1, 0, 1) == LMX_SUCCESS)
  // Blacklist the currently checked out license
  // When the license is checked back in, it will no longer be available for future checkouts
  LMX_Checkin("feature_to_blacklist", 1);
  // Return to normal checkin/checkout functionality