LM-X License Manager version 4.9.1 includes the enhancements and fixes detailed below. The changes in this release were made primarily in response to customer feedback. For more information about how we incorporate customer feedback into our development process, see Customer-driven development.


LM-X v4.9.1 includes the following new enhancement.

Issue #Description
LMX-3232 Added HAL information to the LMX_LICENSE_INFO API structure.


LM-X v4.9.1 includes the following fixes.

Issue #Description

Fixed issue with correctly storing statistics for features on license server.


Fixed license server crash that sometimes occurred when an incomplete HTTP request was made.

LMX-3210 Fixed license server crash that occurred when a license was in the queue for an extended time.

Fixed problems with incorrect return codes being issued during HAL license server queuing and heartbeat checks.