When you purchase LM-X License Manager or request an evaluation, you receive an Activation Key via email.

To download the newest release of the LM-X SDK:

  1. Go to the LM-X License Manager download page.
  2. Enter your Activation Key obtained from X-Formation into the Activation Key field, and then click Submit.
  3. Select the LM-X SDK version you are interested in and follow the Download instructions.

Note: The file(s) you need to download for your LM-X SDK installation depends on which platform(s) you've purchased support for. You must have a proper license to use the file(s) you download. Be sure to use the installation file that corresponds with the platform on which LM-X is installed. Failing to obtain a proper license will result in runtime errors when compiling the SDK.

See Supported platforms for more platform-specific information.