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The following sections describe how to determine the IP address to lock your license to for Windows and Linux.

Determining the IP address for Windows

To find the IP address for a Windows machine, run the LM-X End-user Configuration Tool (lmxconfigtool.exe) to see your machine's HostIDs, as shown in the following example.

In the above example, you can see that you can lock your license to IP address using its corresponding HostID, (the HostID may not be identical to the IP address).

The IP addresses that include asterisks may be thought of as wildcards. You can use the HostIDs of these IP addresses to lock licenses to a subnetwork if needed, allowing wider access.

Determining the IP address for Linux

To find the IP address for a Linux machine, run the LM-X end-user utility using the -hostid option (lmxendutil -hostid) at a command line to see the list of your machine's HostIDs.