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The following steps are designed to compile LM-X SDK on a Unix machine in 5 minutes or less from a command line.

Note: When compiling the LM-X SDK under Unix, GCC and make are required.

Compiling the LM-X SDK from a command line

To compile the LM-X SDK from a command line:

Step 1. Copy your LM-X-SDK lmx.lic file to the config directory and specify a desired OPTION for the vendor.

You can extend or modify the behavior of the license server during pre-compilation by editing the lmx_server_conf.c file.

Note: If you are upgrading LM-X, remember about copying your LM-X security configuration file from a previous LM-X installation to the config directory. (In LM-X SDK versions older than 4.2, security_config.lmx file was named after your vendorname.lmx.)

Step 2. Run make. 
/usr/local/lmx-sdk-4.6.1 $ make

NoteYou can clean previously compiled files (for example, when rebuilding the SDK with a different license or security key).

Also note that you must run make from the SDK root directory. Running make from a subdirectory may produce error messages and fail.

/usr/local/lmx-sdk-4.6.1 $ make clean

 See Installation issues for information about problems and workarounds related to compiling the LM-X SDK.