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To build LM-X for multiple platforms:

  1. Install one of the distributions, and make sure the security configuration file is in place.
  2. Copy or move the platform-specific directory (for example, win32_x86 or solaris_sparc) to the root directory of LM-X. (Only platform-specific files are stored in the platform-specific directory. All shared files exist in the include directory, which is also located in the LM-X root directory.)
  3. From the platform-specific directory, compile the platform-specific files. 
  • On Windows, type: nmake (for example, C:\lm-x_distrib\win32_x86> nmake). Alternatively, you can use Visual Studio solutions lmx_vs2010.sln, or lmx_vs2012.sln, lmx_vs2013.sln.
  • On Unix, type: make (using GNU make).

(Note that most Unix platforms use the command "make"; however, some platforms may use "gmake.")