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LM-X License Manager's automatic server discovery allows a client application to find license servers on the network automatically. This feature eliminates the need for end users to enter server information and makes it easy for system administrators to move from one license server to another without notifying users. Automatic server discovery is performed only when the license server is unavailable or the feature couldn't be found on the known license servers. Otherwise, a local cache is used, making this feature unobtrusive and lightweight.

Note: Automatic server discovery works only on local networks and will not work on WAN or VPN connections.

If your software vendor allows automatic server discovery to be used for its licenses, you can enable it by setting an LM-X environment variable specifically for this purpose, as described below. (Instructions given for accessing environment variable settings are for Windows. Please see your OS documentation or your system administrator for instructions on editing environment variables for your specific OS.)

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel and select System and Security.
  2. Select System from the System and Security options.
  3. Select Advanced system settings from the list of options in the left column of the System window.
  4. From the System Properties dialog that appears, select Environment Variables...
  5. Under System variables, select New...
  6. For the Variable name, enter LMX_AUTOMATIC_SERVER_DISCOVERY or vendor_AUTOMATIC_SERVER_DISCOVERY (where vendor is the name of the software vendor for which to use automatic server discovery) and set the value to 1 (or any other integer) to enable it.
  7. Click OK to add the variable.
  8. Click OK from the Environment Variables dialog to save your changes, and then click OK from the System Properties dialog to close it.