This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Setting feature version using the configuration file is no longer supported as of License Statistics v4.9. Feature Versioning is now enabled by default and can no longer be disabled. All newly added license servers will have Feature Versioning enabled for the license server types that are supported. For previously existing license servers that have versioning disabled, the versioning will continue to be disabled. As of License Statistics v4.13.2, you can decide whether you want to enable Feature Versioning for the supported license server types or not.

The configuration file includes an optional setting that allows Feature Versioning. This option is turned off by default. When this option is turned on, all features will be named feature_version. This setting is done by host, so will apply to all features under that host. You can also set Feature Versioning to be used for denied request logs.

This option provides a finer granularity to report results that is unnecessary for most users; therefore, leaving this option turned off is generally recommended. You may consider using Feature Versioning if you have multiple versions of particular features that you want to track individually. For example, under IBM LUM, Catia MD2 application cost varies depending on version, so using Feature Versioning in such a case would be beneficial.

WARNING: Consider carefully whether to use Feature Versioning, and before making any changes, be sure to backup your database. Using Feature Versioning changes the feature names, so versioned and non-versioned databases are incompatible. If you change the setting for Feature Versioning when you have existing databases, you will get reports of both existing feature names and new feature names. This problem will remain until the existing records are no longer in the database, or you remove the features with version numbers from the existing databases.