The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.11 and newer, which redesigned license server administration, resulting in replacing gathering type with multiple data sources. If you are using a version previous to v6.11, see documentation for previous versions.

The License Statistics API includes the standard enumerated columns described below.

Feature type

Describes how license is obtained.

License typeHow license is obtained
FloatingLicense is checked out from license server. When one user checks the license in (stops using it), another can check it out.
Node-lockedLicense is bound to HostID.
TokenSimilar to Floating license type, but several features share a common token pool. Each feature can require a different number of tokens from the token pool for license checkout.


For historic reports, describes that data should be grouped by some period of time.

GranularityType and format
QUARTERYear and quarter; e.g., "2019-Q2."
MONTHYear and month; e.g., "2019-10."
WEEKWeek defined by a span of two dates joined by a dash; e.g., "2019-05-13-2019-05-19."
DAYDate; e.g., "2019-01-01."
HOURDate and time; e.g., "2019-01-02 17:05."

License server status

Describes state of license server.

ONLINEEverything is OK.
OFFLINEQuerying failed.
VERIFYINGLicense server was recently enabled or changed, and has not been queried since then.
DISABLEDLicense server is disabled by user.
LICSTAT_DOWNUsed in historic report to denote times when the entire License Statistics application was turned off.
LICENSE_EXCEEDEDLicense server is automatically disabled due to licensing limitations.

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