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Notice: This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. Monitoring Salesforce licenses is no longer supported as of License Statistics v5.12.

You can monitor and analyze the actual usage of Salesforce licenses in your organization using a variety of usage reports available in License Statistics. In addition, there are other usage details you can check to get an even more detailed picture of how many Salesforce licenses you have in your organization and how they are being used.

License Statistics allows you to obtain the following Salesforce-specific license usage information:

  • The list of users that are currently logged into Salesforce during any period that usage is tracked (active user sessions) 

  • The total users count, i.e. the list of all users who have their active Salesforce accounts and can log into Salesforce.

Note: Due to its experimental status, monitoring Salesforce licenses is disabled by default. If you are interested in the feature, please contact X-Formation Support to obtain a simple instruction on how to enable monitoring of Salesforce licenses.

We would like to encourage everyone interested in using the feature to try it out and let us know about your experiences.

Requirements for accessing Salesforce API

License Statistics requires access to the Salesforce API to be able to monitor and analyze the usage of your Salesforce licenses. You can access the Salesforce API only if your organization is using one of the following types of Salesforce licenses:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Performance

For the above license types, the API is enabled by default. (For more API-specific information, please refer to this Salesforce knowledge article.)

To add a Salesforce license server to License Statistics, you'll need to provide a Salesforce Security Token, as described in Obtaining Salesforce credentials, below.

Obtaining Salesforce credentials

You’ll need to fill out the following required fields when adding your Salesforce license server: Login, Token and Password. While login and password are credentials you use to access your Salesforce account, your Security Token is automatically sent to you via email when you set up a Salesforce account, when your password is changed or when you request to reset your Security Token. (For more information about Security Tokens, please refer to this Salesforce article.)

Once you have the token, you can add your Salesforce license server using the License Servers tab in the Administration page, as detailed in Adding and editing realtime license servers.