The information on this page refers to License Statistics v6.21 and newer, which introduced Host Resolution. 

You can use Host Resolution to find missing host details (IP address or hostname) by using the Host Resolution options in the Data Management tab from the Administration page. (This page is visible only for License Statistics administrator users.)

Host Resolution options are disabled by default and can be set at any time. During the querying of remote license servers, the enabled option(s) will be executed automatically when the hostname or IP address is missing. The hostname(s) or IP address(es) that are found will be used for future processing and report generation, thereby limiting the risk of duplicated hosts (a single known hostname and a single unknown hostname with the same IP address).

You may select one or both of the following Host Resolution options. 

Realtime DNS lookupUses DNS lookup to find the missing IP address in the network based on hostname
Realtime rDNS lookupUses Reverse DNS lookup to find the missing hostname in the network based on IP address

Host Resolution is safe to use for remote monitoring, because the IP address or hostname will be up to date at the moment of querying.