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The information on this page refers to License Statistics versions prior to v6.0. This information no longer applies to License Statistics v6.0 and newer.

The configuration file lets you enable Apache SSL by setting HTTP_SSL = TRUE. The SSL settings in the configuration file also include paths for the SSL certificate file and certificate key file, which are required to run SSL.

When SSL is enabled, ensure that the web server port number specified in the WEBSERVER_PORT setting is correct. By default, the web server port number should be 443. If you customize the HTTP_BASE_URL setting with SSL enabled, you must use HTTPS protocol when specifying the URL; for example: "HTTP_BASE_URL = https://myhost."

With SSL enabled, you can also automatically redirect http to https, by setting HTTP_SSL_REDIRECT = TRUE in the configuration file. With redirection enabled, if your full Licence Statistics address is, for example, "https://address:443," then typing "http://address" in a browser will automatically redirect you to "https://address:443." Automatic redirection will work only if you have have permissions to use port 80 and WEBSERVER_PORT is not set to 80, because port 80 is used for the redirection.