This page refers to functionality that has been removed from License Statistics. The licstatreport utility is no longer supported as of License Statistics v4.10.

The licstatreport utility is an executable you run from a command line, and does not require any further configuration. The command-line report utility executable exists in the License Statistics directory. You should add the location of the executable to your PATH environment variable, so you can run the command from any directory to which you want to download reports.The command-line report utility, licstatreport, is used to download reports from License Statistics to file without using a web browser. Using this tool, you can automate report generation by writing scripts that download desired statistics from the server and save the data to a file. The licstatreport utility generates CSV files that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. This utility works for both Windows and Linux.

This utility requires a running instance of License Statistics to work, and License Statistics and the utility must be the same version (you cannot use the utility with an older version of License Statistics). At this time, the reports you can download using this utility are limited to Usage Per Feature and Usage Per User.

See Using the command-line report utility for detailed information about using licstatreport.