Logging into License Statistics using manager account credentials from LDAP

When trying to log into License Statistics using credentials (username and password) that are the same as credentials specified for your Manager DN and Manager Password in the LDAP tab in the Administration page, ensure that the manager account is included in the Base DN (for example, CN=Users, DC=yourdomain, DC=com) under which you want to search for users or, preferably, create a separate account to authenticate with LDAP.


Say you set Manager DN to “demo-user” and Manager Password (here hidden as asterisks) to “statistics”.

If you use the same credentials to log into License Statistics, your login attempt using the same credentials (see below) will fail.

Also note that it is not recommended to log into License Statistics as a regular user using the same credentials as the ones used for the manager account.

To learn more about allowing the connection to the LDAP server,
see Connecting to an LDAP server.