As of March 1, 2014, xmllicgen uses internet clock check; therefore, a connection to the internet is required to be able to successfully generate a license.

You generate licenses using xmllicgen, the license generator provided with LM-X.

To generate a license:

  1. Modify the sample file detailed.xml, floating.xml or nodelocked.xml (as detailed in the following sections) to fit your specific business model.

  2. Execute the license generator by typing the following command:

    xmllicgen [options] xml_file

    You can specify the following option to use the specified file to set and override the output file setting in the XML file:

    -output file

As an alternative to specifying the output file path at the command line, you can specify this information in the XML file (using the optional attribute OUTPUTFILE, as described in LICENSEFILE tag).

If xmllicgen succeeds in creating a license, it returns the error code 0. If xmllicgen fails, it returns the error code 1.