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Issue #Description
LICSTAT-19112Fixed an issue with visible charts without the selected license server.
LICSTAT-19111Fixed an issue with parsing Dassault output.
LICSTAT-19093Fixed an issue with inability to save Vendor Daemon Name field.
LICSTAT-19069Fixed an issue with parsing OLicense output.
LICSTAT-19068Fixed an issue with duplicate data error for Autodesk.
LICSTAT-19056Fixed an issue with parsing Dassault output.
LICSTAT-19055Fixed an issue with querying LM-X.
LICSTAT-19052Fixed an issue with incorrect filter type on Applications grid.
LICSTAT-19050Fixed an issue with broken sorting on License Servers grid.
LICSTAT-19049Fixed an issue with importing log file with current data.
LICSTAT-19048Fixed an issue with incorrect wording in log file.
LICSTAT-18972Fixed an issue with Last Update Time being set on server creation.