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  • Sorting and filtering controls are accessible by hovering over the column heading and then clicking on the arrow that appears at the right side of the column heading. 

    A drop-down menu gives you the following options:

    • Sort in ascending/descending order (see "Sorting" below for more information)
    • Hide/show columns (select the Columns option, then toggle the list of columns on/off). Some columns are hidden by default, as described below.
    • Limit the grid contents (select Filters and then select the available options, or enter text for text fields)
  • The filters you apply and the number of rows you select to display in the grid will also be used when downloading the data to a file. For some pages, these settings are also used in the graph content.
  • Use the settings at the bottom of the grid to select pages and control the number of rows to display per page (20 - 1000).


Hidden columns

Some grid columns are hidden by default. For example, "Feature" columns have several sub-columns, where ", such as "ID" and "Description," are hidden by default:.

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ID and Description sub-columns are also included, but hidden by default, where individual entities are reported per row. This applies tocolumns exist for the following:

  • Feature
  • License Server
  • License Server Group
  • User
  • User Group
  • Host
  • Host Group

For example:


Refreshing data in grids and charts